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Pressure Seal Form Applications

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Pressure Seal forms are the most secure method of sending business to business or business to client communications through the postal service.

Typically used for secure applications such as payroll, invoices, statements and other secure documents, pressure seal is a laser compatible form which has an encapsulated cohesive glue around the perimeter of the form, that when folded and passed under the pressure rollers of a pressure sealing machine form a strong secure tamperproof bond.

With pressure seal there is no need for envelopes and you can be assured that your mail piece is very secure.


Pressure seal for payroll is the most common use for this medium and has been around since the early 1990’s – Developed by Moore Paragon and Xerox as a way of sending a secure document through the mail without the need for an envelope. We work with payroll software companies to produce bespoke or fully customisable layouts producing many compatible forms.



As the leading manufacturer of Pressure Seal solutions, we offer bespoke P60 pressure seal forms fully branded and HMRC compliant. We can also supply standard forms, compatible with your payroll software package.


  • A4, Z fold documents
  • HMRC approved
  • Fully bespoke with your logo, brand colour, return address and other details
  • Compatible with all major software packages
  • Hand-Seal versions available.

Stock forms

Off the shelf products that are freely available and are in the following formats:

  • Z-FOLD Enables simplex printing of forms by utilizing 2 full panels for information and the 3rd panel serves as the outgoing address panel
  • C-FOLD Provides you with 3 full panels for information, one of which is fully enclosed and automatically detachers itself when the form is opened this is ideal for cheques and remittance advice forms. Requires you to duplex print
  • V-FOLD Folds to a larger finished size, enabling you to add large inserts and more data. Requires you to duplex print
  • CUSTOMIZED Offset V-fold As per a standard V-Fold but show the address panel at the top and therefore can be simplex printed – Ideal for internal distribution
  • GDS forms are available in a variety of different depths 8″, 11″, 112/3”, 12”, 14” and 16” both cut sheet and continuous.

Pin Mailer

Pin Mailer is the ideal way of sending confidential information. The range of applications includes pins, security numbers, passwords, pin puks, online voting widely used in telecom and finance sectors.

GDS launched Scratch Code in 2005. Later, in 2011 GDS launched Stretch Code which is another popular innovation having the same operational functionalities with same level of unrivalled security.

This is CPAS certified product. Pin mailers are available in pressure seal format up to 9 colours.

Election Mailers

Postal voting is set to grow significantly due to the impact of Covid 19 and in response to this GDS has worked tirelessly to find a solution to help enhance the postal voting process.

Working with some of the industries leading suppliers
to the government, GDS have developed a once piece mailer combining the use of pressure seal with a peel and stick down flap that enables the household to safely and securely return their voting slip.

This product is available in bespoke sizes and lengths depending on your requirements.


Pressure Seal Healthcare Applications

Healthcare for pressure seal is one of the most secure, efficient and cost effective methods of sending out a critical communication whether this is an appointment letter, Diabetes test result or Anti-Coagulant forms with integrated peelable label.

 Processing a form has never been easier, no envelopes are required, less stock to carry and forms folded, sealed and ready for the post in seconds. It is also possible to link specific pressure seal machines directly to compatible printers so the user is able to print, fold and seal all in one time-saving and smooth operation.

Patient Letters

As part of our specialist product service we offer patient notification document design and supply service.

We can supply you with a special mailing document that is populated automatically by your preferred software solution, which can then be mailed without the use of an envelope, in a hand seal or pressure seal mailer form.


  • Designs for all types of patient letters and communications
  • Appointment documents
  • Specialist documents

Anticoagulant Appointment Forms

We are specialists in providing proven solutions that work with all types of hospital software, such as the anticoagulant software from companies like DAWN and RAID, which are two of the most popular packages used within the NHS.

We will help you put together a specially designed form which is populated by your software, that will help you to control the patient process from appointment to results generation, and this is often achieved in one document.

Our Tab On and or Integral Label Forms can give you the label required with a barcode, patient coder or a name and address
– in fact any information you may require.


  • The forms are a one-piece mailing form which is sealed by one of our pressure sealing machines or by hand
  • Our forms require no envelopes and we can also print the postage on the form for you using the Royal Mail PPI Service
  • There are many different options available for various types of clinical software programs and we have many of these designs, ready and waiting for you.

Soft Seal Applications

Soft Seal is a new innovate product that has been designed by GDS and aimed at direct mail as a one piece clean mail solution. The special cohesive is virtually invisible to see and has been designed to be robust enough to be either posted out through normal mail or hand delivered.

 Once the recipient receives the form it can be easily peeled apart without leaving any residue or marks on the message unlike the current methods of hot or cold gluing solutions that can leave a latex residue or even rip the form. It is supplied currently in a C Fold format and can either be preprinted, blank or as a hybrid piece with a free text area for the customer to add a message.

It is produced on 100gsm laser compatible paper and can go through any type of laser printer without issue and to enable the form to be folded and sealed it is the passed through a standard pressure seal machine.


Soft Seal Direct Mail Solutions

Soft Seal for Direct Mail is one of the fastest growing areas with Global Document Systems.

No envelope required just print, fold and seal and the products are ready for the mail, it could be that 20% of voucher for the mailing campaign that is integrated into the form, the door drop for the local gym with an introductory message or the promotional piece that you need to get out to your market.

Why outsource this when you can design it yourself and once its does you can even print on a PPI logo (Licenced from the Post Office) and out of the door it goes. You are in total control.

Hand Seal Form Applications

An alternative to Pressure Seal mailers, our Hand Seal product, MasterSeal plus.

We apply a latex cohesive around the edges of the form which when folded by hand forms a secure tamper evident seal.
We can supply with or without a window, and can be used for many applications including Payroll

MasterSeal Plus Stock Forms

We hold large quantities of stock forms, some with security hatching all over, some incorporating a franking band and some plain. All of which are reliably available on a next day delivery service.